75 th Anniversary

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Crosby Rotary Club Xmas Float Routes 2014

Route 7

Wednesday 10th December Start 5.30pm – Postponed

Due to the unfavourable weather this route is postponed until Saturday late afternoon/early evening

College Rd; Brooke Rd East; Alder Gr; Cedar Gr; Laurel Gr; Park View; Myrtle Gr; Pine Gr; Somerville Rd; Regina Ave; Worcester Ave; Leicester Ave; Winchester Ave; Canterbury Ave; Lichfield Ave Shrewsbury Ave; College Rd; Sunnyside Rd; Jubilee Rd; Warwick Ave; Coronation Dr; Myers Rd West; Kingswood Dr; Marlborough Rd; Tudor Rd; Lancaster Ave; Saxon Rd; Norman Rd; Brookfield Ave Woodville Ave.

Route 2

Thursday 11th December Start 5.30pm

Marldon Ave; Grosvenor Ave; Mornington Ave; Duddingston Ave; Cranmore Ave; Hatherley Ave; Myers Rd East; Strathmore Dr; Endbutt Ln; Rosedale Ave; Northern Rd; Hawthorn Park; Brownmore Pk; Brownmore Ln; Derwent Rd; Buttermere Gd; Morningside; Kelvinside; Caithness Dr; Rothesay Dr; Melrose Ave; Balmoral Ave; Willedstan Ave.

Route 9

Sunday 14th December Start 3.00pm

Riverslea Rd; Harlech Rd; Bridge Rd; Cavendish Rd; Devenshire Rd; Somerset Rd; Pinehurst Av; Brooke Rd West; Rosebery Ave; Oxford Rd; Courtnay Ave; Manley Rd; Browning Rd; Burdett Rd; Servite Cl; Sandheys Ave; Seaview Terr; Sandheys Terr; Lulworth Ave; Portland Ave; Sandheys Gr; Gordon Ave; Oxford Dr; Purley Rd; Selsdon Rd; Holden Rd East; Leopold Rd; Westward View; Holden Rd; Endsleigh Rd; Warrenhouse Rd; Eastbourne Rd; Worthing St; Hasting Rd; Sussex St; Brighton Vale.

Route 3

Monday 15th December Start 5.30pm

Forefield Ln; Bellair Ave; Lyndhurst Rd; Hillcrest Rd; Moorfield Rd; Cranfield Rd; Chesterfield Rd; Rosemoor Dr; Edgemore Dr; Ronaldsway; Edge Ln; Thornfield Rd; Moor Ln; Maunders Ct; Millcroft; Greenway; Elmwood Ave; Forefield Ln.

Route 4

Tuesday 16th December Start 5.30pm

Endfield Ave; Northern Rd; Oaklands Ave; Woodend Ave De Villiers Ave; Moorland Ave; Moor Dr; Park Ave; Esplen Ave; Windmill Ave; Moor Ln; Brentwood Ave; Chetwood Ave Charmalue Ave Moorside Cl; Moorside Rd; Northern Rd; Ascot Pk.

Route 1

Wednesday 17th December Start 5.30pm

Park Rd; St Marys Rd; Brooklands Ave; Tyndall Ave; Brookfield Ave; Brookside Ave; Brooklands Ave; Brook Vale; Ronald Rd; Haigh Rd; Parklands; The Crescent; Hicks Rd; Winstanley Rd; Glenwyllin Rd; Kingswood Ave; Parkfield Rd; Royton Rd; Queensway; Middleton Rd; Knightsway; Queensway; Allenby Ave; Parkway; Dorbett Rd; Stuart Rd.

Route 8

Friday 19th December Start 5.30pm

Lawton Rd; Rockland Rd; Ashlar Rd; Fir Rd; St Johns Rd; Norman Rd; Willoughby Rd; Curzon Rd; Handfield Rd; Neville Rd; Houghoumont Ave South Rd; Lorne Rd; Argo Rd; Somerville Rd; Lawton Rd; Birchdale Rd; Corona Rd; Lyra Rd; Ashdale Rd; Oakdale Rd; Thorndale Rd; Ferndale Rd; Kingsway; Stuart Rd; Milton Rd; Molyneux Rd; Galloway Rd; Winstanley Rd.

Route 6

Hightown Sunday 21st December Start 3.00pm

Elmcroft Ln; Sandy Ln; Kerslake Way; Lower Alt Rd; Mark Rd; St Stephen’s Rd; Riverside; North Dunes; Thornbeck Ave; Westway; Alton Cl; Whitefield Cl; Richmond Cl; Oakfield Rd; Blundellsands Rd; Elvington are; Marston Cl; Mayfair Cl; Sandlsnds Gr; School Rd; Alt Rd; Lower Alt Rd.

Route 10

Monday 22nd December Start 5.30pm

St Michaels Rd; Cambridge Rd; Berkeley Rd; Ennismore Rd; Berwick Dr; Sherwood Rd; Inc Ave; Manor Rd; Kaigh Av; Manor Dr; Bonnington Rd; Boundary Dr; Ilford Ave; Manor Ave; Little Crosby Rd; Willow Way; Mayfair Ave; Miller Ave; Cambridge Ave; Cambridge Rd; Victoria Rd.

Route 5

Tuesday 23rd December Start 5.30pm

Eshe Rd; Blundellsands Rd East; Kenilworth Rd; Mersey Rd; WaverleyRd; Ivanhoe Rd; Kenilworth Rd; Dowhills Rd; Ashbourne Ave; Eshe Rd North; St Michaels Rd; College Rd North; College Rd; Alexandra Rd; Vermont Rd; Vermont Ave; Kilnyard Rd; Century Rd; Windsor Rd; KingsRd



South Sefton Mencap

I WOULD like to say a very big thank you to the Crosby Rotary Club on behalf of South Sefton Mencap and other local charities.

I recently attended their Annual Presentation Dinner and was presented with a most welcome donation towards our funding.


“Their dedication and commitment to the local area is much appreciated and without their help, many of these charities would be unable to carry on with their work in our community”.

Margaret Lucas
Treasurer South Sefton Mencap,

Marldon Avenue

20-11-2014 Speaker Meeting – St. Michael’s School Farm

13-12-2014 The Messiah £12.00 per ticket

22-01-2015 Speaker Meeting -Keven Byrne, Walton Neurology Surgeon

19-02-2015 Beer Festival to the 22-02-2015

19-3-2015 Speaker Meeting – David Lloyd, Surgery Gaza

16-4-2015 Speaker Meeting – Nick Dickson, Old Bikes